My Projects

This Website (HTML/CSS/JS + NODE JS + MongoDB)

This Website actually took long to make and i'm actually proud of it !
It actually contains some things such as:
- URL shortener
- well... i'll add things later.

So, why have i made this website ?
Short answer: i was bored

Long answer:
I wanted to take my time do create something clean where i could showcase my projects, release my projects, log people's ip, have my own url shortener, create my own download links and get a reason to buy the domain.
Making this website actually taught me a lot of things such as MongoDB (which is now my favorite database structure) and express (which is now my favorite node framework).

CSGO Tools (C++)

When i made this app, my goal was to make an app which could execute console commands without memory writing, and i made it.
The way it gets informations from CS:GO is fairly simple: it uses CSGO Game state integration and the Source netconport lauch options, this launch option opens a local telnet server and this server echoes all console output and any input into server will be inputed into the console

So this app doesn't use Memory Writing and doesn't need Memory Reading. It doesn't interfear with the CSGO process at all
You cannot get VAC Banned for using it

This software contains:

- Discord RPC
- KillSound
- DoubleKill Sound (tried to make it as similar as the machina from tf2)
- Auto GG
- Auto GH
- Anything you want if you have the Premium status.

Scripting language for CSGOT (C++) (WIP)

This project is an entire scripting language made from scratch.
This might not be the fastest or the best language ever but I'm just doing this that I don't have to make a better frontent and to allow developpers to actually code their own vip stuff
Most of it's actual execution is done on certain events, how it works is the following:
You give it an event name and all of it's actions for that event and that'll prepare it for you and setup a custom VIP config out of it (these VIP configs are tuned to accept more things such as custom fields and memory)

The synthax is a C-like synthax, it doesn't need semicolons tho, so I guess you can say it's more of a javascript synthax more than anything but it's synthax has some unique features (for now, cause they're not really good).
This project is still a WIP project, this is not DONE and that takes a lot of time to do.
BTW I didn't read any documentation on how to make a programming language, I'm making up solutions by myself in order to achieve an entire programming language, the parsing and execution is all custom
(or not since idk how other programming language are actually coded)