Hire Me


Huh, this depends on what you need help for, simple things = low price, bigger things = bigger price

What can I help you with?

I could help you debbug your C++/JAVA/C#/JS code. (or even find compile time problems)
Write simple functions
Teach you how to do stuff like creating a discord bot...
I also have little and limited knowledge about reverse engineering

Why me?

I have 4 years of coding experience, I used to code minecraft hacked clients in 2019, that's when I really started seeing a real oportunity.
Here is a little peak to who I am:
I'm a french 17 year old, I started coding at 12 with Visual Basic (I know, that sucks but everyone gotta start somewhere), I use to hate school, when I was in middle school, I had dropped out and just stopped going to school, and that's when I started learning english, I started coding in java, starting with basic minecraft bukkit plugins, then I joined a Hack vs Hack minecraft server, and that's how I started coding my first minecraft client, I also learned basic java reverse engineering and how to deobfuscate, and finally, I improved my english by a lot.

I host some projects on this website, but these are not all the projects I've done, some might be better kept secret, or some are just too old or unfinished

Oh and yeah, I'm really bad at html/css frontend, I know, this website looks awful, but as long as it works, and it's readable, I'm fine with it, I'm not a designer, I'm a coder, and I prefer doing backend stuff

Contact me

You can contact me via e-mail, [email protected]

This Website and what data it collects

User data

This website stores and logs every requests made to it (with the ip that made that request). Doing this is a legal requirement.
Any data collected by this website includes: your ip and each page/ressource locations you loaded or tried to load.
If you did login using your steam account:
We will then collect your steamid and the base data sent by steam in order to identify your steam account. This include your nickname, game you were playing the moment you signed in, the url to your steam profile, the url to your profile picture in various sizes, your primary clan/group ID, the time you created your account, and your steam nickname.
Now if you did request access to whitelisted stuff on this website and got accepted, we'll store a list of everything you have access to.
Same if you activated a CSGOT VIP code, the date at which your subscription ends will be stored.

How this website works

This website currently runs on a Raspberry pi 4B, it is a nodeJS server with module-like files for each service this server serves.
Each page/ressource is in a static folder in which I can put any file in, and it will be accessible with or without restrictions to the internet.